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St. Defoko’s School of UTAU

St. Defoko’s School of UTAU is a Discord server and community for learning about UTAU and developing skills. We have:

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Phonetic Songs

Phonetic Songs aims to transcribe as many English songs into X-SAMPA as possible to be used for various purposes, such as statistical analysis of the most common phoneme combinations, or automatically generating new English reclists.
However, an automatic converter can only do so much, and the end result is practically useless if it doesn’t match the style of actual singers. That’s where you come in! Join the Discord server and become part of the team to manually edit song lyrics.

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To join the corrections team, please choose any English-language song and rewrite the lyrics in X-SAMPA. Follow our style guide, but prioritize accuracy in matching the original singer’s pronunciation.
Each phoneme is separated by 1 space, and any pause in the vocals is a line break. Save the file as “(artist name) - (song title) TE.txt” and upload to the #application channel.
Your transcription will be evaluated by existing members on how closely it matches the original singer’s pronunciation, and once you get 3 approvals you’re on the corrections team.

Further instructions for those who are part of the corrections team are posted in the Discord server, as well as the system for sorting files when converting, editing, and checking songs.
Anyone interested in the programming side of things can join the Developer chat.

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